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Nicks Munro Challenge: Blog Posts

The Planning

I am intending to buy a small caravan, paint it purple and orange (the colours of the charities) and use it to travel about the highlands. If any of you see it (or me) please say hello.

Since it would be irresponsible of me to climb the Munros alone l am looking for people to join me on my ventures. I cannot produce a timetable at this stage for various reasons - Janet’s condition, weather and availability of others.

I am intending to begin around my 80th birthday in April and will continue until I have climbed them all (or until my knees give up).

Janet’s diseases have meant that our wonderful lifestyle has ended abruptly, and l am having great difficulty in coming to terms with it. I didn’t know what to do. Then a story appeared in a recent newsletter from the Alzheimer’s Society where a young woman, who had no climbing experience, climbed 20 Munros in memory of her grandfather, who had the disease. This inspired me to attempt to climb all the Munros to raise funds for Alzheimer Scotland and the Royal Osteoporosis Society.

This set me thinking: “Could l, as an 80-year-old climb all the Munros?”

I am an experienced walker and climber and despite my grand old age l think I still have the skills, stamina and fitness to achieve it.

So, my answer is: “I will give it a go and raise money for Alzheimer’s Scotland and Royal Osteoporosis Society”

Thus, the challenge was born.

Janet now needs 24-hour care and is currently in hospital, but we are hoping to continue to look after her at home when she is well enough. Her care will always come first but my family and I will find a way to care for Janet and raise some much-needed funds for these amazing charities.

Janet was passionate about helping others and I am therefore going to raise money in her name to hopefully help make things a little better for others suffering from these dreadful diseases. As a family we would do anything to make Janet better, but we can’t; however, we can help others so please donate something, however small.

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